Lola Dupré – Collage

Irish artist, Lola Dupré does her shattered collages completely by hand, using good old fashion glues and scissors. The super talented Lola has been commissioned by Nike, New York Magazine, and Doubleday & Cartwright among others. The photo manipulations at the end of the post were done as a collaboration with photographer, Lisa Carletta.Lola Dupré - Collage hhhh     hedy_lamarr_discovery_ces_contemporary_detail_lola_dupre_740 hedy_lamarr_discovery_ces_contemporary_full_lola_dupre_740 lola_dupre_bashir_al_assad_new_republic_full_740 lola_dupre_light_ten_cut_down_to_size_esd_gallery_sydney_740



Lola Dupré - Collage

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