Amazingly meticulous renditions of plant-life by Xavier Casalta

It took over 370 hours for artist Xavier Casalta to complete just one piece of art, titled Autumn. The work itself bears the mark of his intense labor in its intricate and life-like renditions of plants and fruits. Drawn on a 56×56 cm Arches sheet, the piece is comprised of 7 million dots from a thin 0.10 mm pen. The artist creates his artworks using a stippling technique, laying down tiny dots onto the paper to bring out the 3-dimensional volume of each object. Autumn is part of a series representing the four seasons.

Casalta lives and works in the South of France. The 23-year-old studied visual communications before switching to a full-time career in art. [h/t]xaviercasaltaflowers1 xaviercasaltaflowers2 xaviercasaltaflowers3 xaviercasaltaflowers4 xaviercasaltaflowers5 xaviercasaltaflowers6 xaviercasaltaflowers7 xaviercasaltaflowers8 xaviercasaltaflowers9