Barbara Ana Gomez combines traditional and digital techniques to create dynamic illustrations

My name is Barbara Ana Gomez – I am a Spanish-born illustrator based in London. I work with pens, taking great pleasure in carefully drawing every fine detail. I scan the images afterwards, to apply colour digitally. The themes in my work mainly revolve around music, nature, space, people and dreams.
WI always enjoyed drawing since I was a child, my school books were filled with doodles and song lyrics. My passion is to make illustrations inspired by music, and that’s how Illustrated Songs began. It is a collection of drawings inspired by songs that I love. It’s a very special project to me and I can tell that it will continue growing for a long time.
SpaceDust2For the Illustrated Songs Calendar, I have made twelve illustrations, each of them inspired by a song that mentions the particular month. Already excited planning new illustrations for the Illustrated Songs Calendar 2017!  shoe1 pulstar mymirrorspeaks lemonworld killers jamesking3 face ahhhmen 4thjuly1