The Dreamy Escapism of Lena Klyukina

Lena Klyukina

Lena Klyukina admits to liking the idea of infinity, and enjoys finding wonder with the world. Her sci-fi inspired art attests to this; humanoids interact with sea monsters, whilst pyramidal structures float in the sky, the lights from a cluster of stars dazzling them. Insects from the future graze on the corpses of headless humans, whilst females with three pairs of breasts can be found sailing along in an antiquated rowing boat. There are remnants of fifties and sixties American B-movies in these sketches, a time when science fiction writers lit our imagination with strange shapes from the sea and aliens from outer space. TV audiences of the fifties had a childlike enthusiasm for the infinite possibilities that the future had in store, an enthusiasm eventually dampened when science told us that something like The Blob could never actually happen. Lena Klyukina, too, knows that her work is pure fantasy, but it’s also pure wonder and offers unrivaled escapism.

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