Expressive portraits in graphite by Thomas Cain

Milan-based artist, Thomas Cain, draws wondrously delicate portrait drawings combining graphite and water. Often depicting friends and family members, Cain represents his subjects with a quiet, noble countenance while an endless river of thoughts and expressions seem to pour out from their eyes. The works frequently come with blank spaces interspersed throughout the profile as a way to preserve a bit of mystery. In his latest works, Cain creates a translucent, double exposure effect, overlapping his portraits with landscapes and scenes from the city.

Born in Milan in 1989, Cain graduated from Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Aside from producing artworks, he works for various communication agencies in Milan. He has been drawing every day since he can remember and never leaves home without a notebook. [source:]Thomas-Cian-1 Thomas-Cian-2 Thomas-Cian-3 Thomas-Cian-4 Thomas-Cian-5 Thomas-Cian-6 Thomas-Cian-7