The flowing ink drawings of Ramiro Pasch

My name is Ramiro Pasch and I am a freelance illustrator based in Rosario, Argentina. I am currently studying fine arts at the university, but it is my intention to work on a full time basis on my drawings. ~Ramiro Paschtumblr_inline_o0cto5mjgr1qefhaq_500
I have always been enchanted by the detailed work present in etchigs by Rembrandt and Goltzius. It amazes me how the lines and the dots create a unique texture as well as values. This rich variety of form is what I try to achieve or replicate in my work. Although I work primarily with a really thin (0.1) Rotring drawing pen, the technique is similar in some ways; plus, I get the chance to get work done really fast in order to meet deadlines.tumblr_inline_o1p64gwnre1qefhaq_500
Overall I would say my drawings are all about textures and values. The cross hatching technique gives me a nice tool to emulate the look and feel of an etching, but with all the advantages and ease of use a pen can give me.  tumblr_inline_o1swjeyadk1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_o21yezu3hr1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_o47v2y4jsc1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_o69zbazgrw1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_o69zcuwolf1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_oazyecy35q1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_oazyjfi6cw1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_oazylt9vqp1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_oazyy7v4wv1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_obbnfr1gwy1qefhaq_500 tumblr_inline_ods6itomp71qefhaq_500