A look at the sketchbook of Spencer Sinclair

My name is Spencer Sinclair, I am 18 years old and a self-taught artist. I have been drawing for 6 years, mainly focusing on realism in colored pencil and graphite. My drawings are more on the figurative side of art with some pieces being more abstract than others. Some of these pieces, including my portrait of Zendaya, have a more creative and abstract idea as you can see with the galaxy overlay on her hair.14481929_1032889023490355_6086294886765117480_o I enjoy creating realistic drawings but putting more creativity in them so it wouldn’t be too objective. Whether, It’s drawing random birds flying around the subject’s head or drawing fish swimming in the air, if it is something “out of the box” I’ll enjoy drawing it! 1972311_561656380613624_9207778035868664308_n 10168225_700355616743699_1524065692704846574_n 10437448_598363983609530_2970472932877094677_n 10881564_675750335870894_2553859134797020371_n 12032797_901331143312811_3790887774406422440_o 12715729_881636381948954_4551887986981745344_n 13427751_958100284302563_8919473292850767071_n 13700212_979865562126035_6055969965703652043_n 13887075_987214558057802_3609009243327850298_n 10174962_656122124500382_6860908732310350790_n