Generative digital portraits by Janusz Jurek

Bundles of lines collide and tangle together to create the human form in these digital illustrations by Polish artist Janusz Jurek. The designer and illustrator has been working the last year to create illustrations in which people seem to generate out of the amassing bundles of lines.

In his recent series titled Hairline, arresting female portraits are rendered using geometric and wiry-looking lines. In contrast, in a separate series, Jurek gives the lines fur-like texture and have them surround the empty silhouettes of people. In Papilarnie, the artist presents incomplete human forms using twisting lines almost like veins coursing through their bodies. The figures appear to have been captured in the middle of coming to life. [h/t]Janusz-Jurek Janusz-Jurek2 Janusz-Jurek3 Janusz-Jurek4 Janusz-Jurek5 Janusz-Jurek7 Janusz-Jurek8 Janusz-Jurek10 Janusz-Jurek11 Janusz-Jurek12 Janusz-Jurek13