George Androutsos’ drawings of the anonymous human face

My name is George Androutsos. I was born in Athens and studied Painting, Physics and Philosophy. I usually paint and draw faces in an abstract way using pencil, charcoal and chalk on paper. I chose this manner of expression because I believe that it represents the fundamental conflict, black and white, the empty space and the complete, to move and to stop. Τhe anonymous human face has a key role in my drawings. However the person and it passions are nothing but a part of the whole. Real life is what this portraits are about. ~George Androutsos13690786_996427047071821_4340518018291173726_n 14063928_1025529490828243_4346088680039263903_n 14317550_1036246896423169_1494285075954178830_n 14322339_1042087249172467_1409397220656270653_n 14681842_1068938446487347_5708011383814999157_n charcoal-chalk-on-paper-70x50cm-3 charcoalchalk-on-paper-70x50cm-1 charcoalchalk-on-paper-70x50cm-2