Hipersurrealística by Alberto Matsumura

I am a self-taught artist. In fact, I am not really an art lover. I feel more interest in science and philosophy than I do in fine arts. My collection “Hipersurrealística” consists of 47 surrealistic drawings. I describe impossible universes where quantum probability combines an alternate reality, forming disturbing scenes with a high visual content. Pareidolias, extra dimensions, multiple perspectives, irrational associations, are recurring elements when translating paradoxical atmospheres, and scenarios in which the “real” and the “unreal” compete on equal terms without any kind of prejudice. ~Alberto Matsumura


All my work consists of drawings from the subconscious, where I draw with no initial intention. When I start drawing, I like not knowing how it will end, it is a very exciting feeling to see how “the drawing” is taking shape without really knowing how you got there.


My sources of inspiration are countless. However, quantum physics, philosophy, Freddie Mercury or Las Vegas are an inexhaustible source of resources that, somehow, are reflected in my drawings.  6d9cbc41241821.579e9f8d43cc9 11aa3f32339963.567b4811f29e6 64c3fe37690777.5748ab0852124 114bea34873635.56e0c1ca1b38a 468b3e30453083.562419c574fa1 dd436820833581.562f1e30754c8 e5810924573125.5634b2dc6d069