The hypnotic visions of Paulegu

My name is Paulegu, I’m an illustrator and graphic designer based in Lithuania. I draw illustrations by hand, using only graphite pencils and sometimes finish it with digital colors. I’m mostly interested in creating psychedelic drawings full of hypnotic visions. More information about me can be found on my Tumblr page.  I’m adding quite a bunch of artworks that I’ve created recently. Hope you like it!tumblr_nzgnt18kEA1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o0fq1lkRxQ1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o0fugtzNge1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o1jutstkKx1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o2ad6t7I9a1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o6b54jl6su1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o8gs70o0m41qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o9mmc6Xkxb1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_o9w4b5LLgt1qid7vvo1_500 tumblr_ob6f9uK5Gz1qid7vvo1_500