Intricate graphite drawings of the natural world by Bill Richards

Intertwining tangles of stems, flowers, and leaves are brimming from the drawings of American artist, Bill Richards. It’s almost impossible to fathom that the works are done completely using graphite pencil. The artist will often spend months on each piece, which can measure approximately 12×18 inches. Developing the pieces from left to right across the paper, he uses photo references for his inspiration. But he doesn’t literally translate any single image. Rather he will take a look at a series of photos and then work from memory, creating a uniquely organic piece conjured from his own imagination.

“My drawings are an investigation of nature and landscape that also reflect a long-standing involvement with an abstract sense of all-over composition,” he says. “I work exclusively with graphite, eschewing any color, bringing the viewer into a different, less familiar experience of the natural world.” [source]BR11x4_leaves_branches tumblr_o2uzxsqQWh1r7l28fo1_540 tumblr_o2uzxsqQWh1r7l28fo2_540 tumblr_o2uzxsqQWh1r7l28fo3_540