Introspective drawings by Dae-Hyun Kim

Moonassi is a life-long art project by South Korean artist, Dae-Hyun Kim depicting his daily thoughts and musings in simple, black and white illustrations. Moona can be roughly translated as “There is no such thing as me”, or “Emptiness / Void in me”. When referring to the artist as Moonassi, it’s as if we’re calling someone who has no identity. The emotionless faces used in the drawings are inspired from depictions of Buddha.

“There is no specific background story or a theory about the drawing,” Dae-Hyun Kim says about the works. “Each drawing is created based on my daily thoughts and feelings. I draw to meditate on myself and others, and to be able to see the whole story of the series in the end.” [h/t]Moonassi1 Moonassi2 Moonassi3 Moonassi4 Moonassi5 Moonassi6 Moonassi7 Moonassi8 Moonassi9 Moonassi10 Moonassi11 Moonassi12 Moonassi13 Moonassi14