The Childish Adult Illustrations of Jockum Nordstram

“I like Hans Christen Andersen stories,” admits Jockum Nordstram, an artist known for his illustrations, drawing, paintings and collages, and who earlier in 2014 exhibited in London for the first time. “Sometimes I’m in a completely different world.” Whilst there is certainly a childlike quality to Nordtrum’s work, with his style of painting closely linked to the style often found in the pictures that offer merriment in children’s books, the actual subject matter is confined to much darker fairytales than those Andersen created. Indeed, there is little-to-no happiness to be found among his pictures of adult boredom, where cruelty and dirty quick fixes abound. The cherished innocence of Andersen’s prose is missing, with adults participating in very adult matters. Some of it is hard to stomach, but owing to the juxtaposition between a naive painting style and strong subject matter, all of it is intriguing.

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