The illustrations of Klemt: somewhere between reality and dreams

I’m Klemt, originally from Reims, France, but now living in Limoges. I won the first prize from the salon DDessin 2015/ Institut Français de Tanger and exhibit my work all around the world.

I work with India ink and a pen, in the form of layers of small lines that pile up successively. Each design take two to three weeks of work. Hope you like it! My real name is Clément Tissier, and I studied drawing in Brussels and animated film at Supinfocom before working full time as a painter in 2013. My work reveals the quirky world, lost in time, somewhere between reality and dream. They illustrate man’s place in the world.

B-Copie1-940x629 Even-we-had-got-high-hopes-BL-775x1024 Home1-780x1024 Hope1-768x1024 Its-time-to-let-it-go1-940x940 Leave-the-time-758x1024 No-escape-Nowhere-to-go-detail-3b-BD-824x1024 The-Crossing-BD-738x1024 time-without-consequence-A1-940x942 You-Know-I-Was-Hopeful-copie-692x1024