New ballpoint pen works on maps and envelopes by Mark Powell

Mark Powell creates portraits using ballpoint pen overlaid on antique maps and envelopes. Usually depicting older subjects, Powell emphasizes the wrinkles and lines of the face as if to complement the meandering roadways and paths underneath the layer of ink. And by placing his works on these unique canvases, Powell hopes to add a sense of history and backstory. “They compliment each other and I hope leads the viewer to wonder, and maybe create, a history for the two,” said Powell. “I rarely connect the portrait and ‘canvas’ as they are both strangers to me.”

The series of works, titled Anthropology, is on display at Hang-Up Gallery in London through April 10. [source]MarkPowell_01 MarkPowell_02 MarkPowell_03 MarkPowell_04 MarkPowell_05 MarkPowell_06 MarkPowell_07