Pastel drawings of icebergs and ocean waves in transition by Zaria Forman

American artist Zaria Forman travels the world to document and draw Earth’s changing landscapes. Her large-scale pastel works render such scenes as ocean waves crashing on the sands of the Maldives and icebergs floating off the coast of Greenland. She hopes the landscapes can connect with viewers on an emotional level in order to convey the beauty and vulnerability of a world changing as a result of climate change in a way that abstract numbers and statistics may not.

“My drawings explore moments of transition, turbulence, and tranquility in the landscape allowing viewers to emotionally connect with a place you might never have a chance to visit,” Forman said in a recent Tedtalk.JuxtapozZariaForman000

Forman attributes much of her inspiration to her mother, a photographer and traveler whose passion took her to all the corners of the Earth with her daughter and family in tow. These early experiences shaped the artist’s own ambitions and motivated her to capture and share her own visions of a planet in transition. [h/t] JuxtapozZariaForman001 JuxtapozZariaForman003 JuxtapozZariaForman004 JuxtapozZariaForman005