Students in Japan participate in a chalkboard art contest

A new trend has been growing across schools in Japan for the past few years. Students are commandeering their classroom chalkboards to create amazingly detailed works of art, often done in leftover pieces of chalk from their previous class. They’ve posted some of their work to social media, where the photos go viral. And one Japanese chalkboard maker, Nichigaku, has taken notice.

The company recently held a blackboard art contest and called for submissions earlier this year. 50 entries were made from 249 students. You can find all 50 entries here. The results were recently announced with prizes including gift certificates of up to 100,000 yen in value. Top prize went to two students from Kochi Nishi Senior High School who created a mural of their favorite extracurricular activities. [h/t]nichigaku-chalkboard-art-contest-4

nichigaku-chalkboard-art-contest-1 nichigaku-chalkboard-art-contest-2 nichigaku-chalkboard-art-contest-5 nichigaku-chalkboard-art-contest-6