The Surreal Graphite Drawing of Amandine Urruty

Amandine Urruty is a French artist with a ferociously devoted interest in graphite drawing. She creates Fantasia-esque dreamscapes filled with menageries of the most bizarre, unsettlingly weird beasts. While most of the creatures are foreign entities, a mash-up of human and animal or just completely alien figures, there are some recognizable faces that peer out at you – the Michelin Man and Goofy to name two. The juxtaposition with the familiar and unfamiliar keeps you slightly off-center when you’re looking at an Urruty drawing; an obviously conscious decision on her part as your physical reaction to the painting only heightens the surrealism.


I get strong Heironymous Bosch vibes from her work, with maybe a Surrealist M.C Escher bent (if there could be such a thing!) The tightly controlled compositions and incredibly detailed renderings of every body and face of Urruty’s Egg Triptych, with strange goings-on filling the landscape (skeletons climb ladders to reach a little boy sitting politely with a dog nose mask and ghosts haunt every corner) screams Garden of Earthly Delights. And it is in fact, just that – examining an Urruty drawing.  A delight. A subversive, somewhat sinister delight, but a delight nonetheless.
amandine-urruty-egg2 amandine-urruty-egg3

amandine-urruty-spitz amandine-urruty-psychic-teens-totalPTFL The Surreal Graphite Drawing by Amandine Urruty amandine-urruty-liberation amandine-urruty-lesinrocks3-600 amandine-urruty-dollhouse-centre-MED amandine-urruty-chess-sm amandine-urruty-bibendum-sm amandine-urruty-balloon-600