The eclectic drawings of Stephan Hohenthanner

My Name is Stephan Hohenthanner – I am an artist and Illustrator from Germany. I live and work in Hamburg at the moment. I started writing Graffiti when I was very young, annoying all my teachers by my will to create. After that period I started drawing a rather cartoony art like style which actually brought me into Illustration. From there I discovered the passion for traditional methods and drawing. I acquired a powerful technique and good sense of technical ability. I am now using all my different experiences to create powerful images.

I love to work in a very abstract way as well as in a very detailed way. I have always been a person to explore the extremes so you might find me drawing excessively detailed as well as pure abstract lines. I enjoy variety in my works. That is what gives me the opportunity to fulfill an illustrative task pretty precisely. I am always open for new work, collaboration or features. Feel free to contact me if my work is interesting for you.tumblr_nl0qg8RfTE1skd91ro10_1280tumblr_ndi2soOZeg1skd91ro1_1280 tumblr_nesd28Bqqs1skd91ro2_1280

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