The romantic and melancholic drawings of Craww

UK-based artist, Craww, creates dark drawings and paintings populated with skulls, crows, and beautiful brooding women. Though the works touch on the morbid subject of death and decay, they also exude an irresistible allure in their sense of romance and uninhibited fantasy.

Of his style, Craww says, “My work is a stream of consciousness ramble through the woods, uncovering the secret stories and ambiguous connections of my muses, all who have a delicate fragility, depicted with extended matchstick limbs, embraced by flowing lines and entwined of ravens and flowers.”

The artist recently started a Kickstarter campaign to release a new book featuring his sketchbook drawings over the past 5 years. The clothbound book will include 104 full-color pages of his works presented in chronological order to show how ideas have developed from one sketch to the next. [h/t:]cf08958c94c4e14b80c1e0f4fd05d2eb_original 0826c1afb14d80448546a6c141dda9ff_original 48a5c90ad8237ff1eed585000a9b79b0_original 5db40150c398ff9cf7790b207248a68b_original 4e61f6af0cebf258528595041766bfb9_original 4d1ced0fbe296cca5fc8f4f151213661_original