Ulysse Odysseus: the symmetry of Virginie Paulus

Hello, I’m Virginie Paulus. Like all graphic designer, I draw mandala. In the beginning, it was just doodles. To occupy my hands while I was watching TV shows.

Then, patterns became more and more complicated. They toke longer to draw : 2 episodes, 3 episodes, 1 season, etc. I found the repetitive aspect relaxing. And I thought it would be pretty cool if I introduced, two, three (or more) differences, in these patterns.

Tiny easter eggs, little bugs on the matrix. Details, we don’t spot right away but are intriguing when we finally see it. I kept geometric shapes and patterns of the mandala. And I add stories. Abstracts forms are fun for about 5 minutes but it’s not very interesting. So I started drawing big narrative illustrations. And poof, I made “Ulysse Odysseus”9ccd9330870717.563751c0c25edThe Ulysse travels, after the Trojan war (yep, like in the movie Troy), to return to his kingdom (re-yep, Ulysse is a king) : Ithaca. His trip lasted 10 years, because The god of Seas Poseidon, hates him. Ulysse/Odysseus meets monsters, mermaids, Medusa, Gods, Goddesses, cyclops, etc. Mythologies are so cool to draw.08ff9230870717.563751c0c6749The story, “Odysseus” has approximately 2500 years. Text has been traduce (old greek to latin, to old english, etc…), probably changed (are you familiar the greek/latin grammar?!). In short, the text is subject to interpretations. I thought it would be also interesting to integrate in my drawings different interpretations of this story – using the symmetry.24f4e630870717.563751c0c8925

By just changing a few details here and there, you get two interpretations: the upper drawing and the bottom drawing. The most obvious example is seen with the illustrations of sirens (in the middle, right and left). On one hand they are smiling, graceful. But on the other hand, they are cannibals.
I’ll let you play the game of seven errors (there are more than 7) to find all the details. Size of the artwork Ulysse Odysseus : 18cm x 18 xm (7in x 7in) Technique : rotting pen 0,1mm (0,004in) et 0,5 mm (0,02 in) The symmetry was handmade, without tracing paper. For the challenge. My next project is something with fluorescent shells.   26e00830870717.563751c0c45d4 b2259230870717.563751c0c9894 f8058230870717.563751c0c35a6