Yokiito’s pen drawn portraits

I’ve been drawing almost my entire life. Since the day I could hold a pencil I drew on everything I could find, be it walls, important papers, …  I didn’t care. I just loved it so much. My mom had to sent me to an evening art class out of desperation. Throughout my life my passion for art just kept growing, and here I am, following my dream of turning that hobby of mine into a job. I still have a long way to go, art wise and audience wise, but I believe that with enough effort I will get there. ~Yokiito inktober_01_by_yokiito-dajz8rd-png inktober_03_by_yokiito-dajz94v-png inktober_06_by_yokiito-dako3n1-png inktober_07_by_yokiito-dako3zh-png purple_by_yokiito-da7bhilinktober_04_by_yokiito-dakargd