Bonding opposing elements through dance: Steven Weinzierl

This project is about unity and the fusion of human and abstract elements. It’s about showcasing the beauty of visual arts through anatomy, sound, dance, color, love, etc. Through these art forms, we take the viewer through a journey. It’s X vs. Y, good vs. bad, love vs. hate. The ending then ultimately concludes with an abstract representation of these opposing elements bonding. ~Steven WeinzierlScreenStill_1

It’s a passion project, an art piece. This is a celebration of dance and film in its rawest form. It’s not a typical marketing spot. It was done for the love of the art form.ScreenStill_2

We were in a big, empty theatre. We draped everything in black so that we could shoot from any angle we wanted. We never changed the lighting. We built a black box with consistent lighting so we could float around the dancers as they did what their hearts told them to do. In terms of the energy, it was chaotic, fun and open. I tried to pull ideas from everyone on the team. I know little about ballet, so I could just say, ‘What move is your ‘big move?’ Or, ‘Do that one move with the split in the air,’ which was fun because everyone would laugh at me. But in the end, not being able to give them detailed dance instruction left them the freedom to move as they wanted. There was more room for creativity.   ScreenStill_2z ScreenStill_4BehindTheScenes