The doodles of Lisa Kogawa

Hello! I am a young Japanese doodler who currently draws in Los Angeles. I’ve been drawing since I was little and it has always been part of my life. Sometimes I tend to like the act of drawing itself rather than a outcome. While I draw, I focus to give ‘breathe’ to the lines so the drawing can be ‘alive’ and fun!~Lisa Kogawa4cd46137720551.574a1a692fc08 fa424d37720133.574a143b4bf13 f516d537720787.574a1d58534f0 f19f5c38021293.5753887f7caf1 e05c1240513571.5782b4061c8f8 d0423237720307.574a16c39cadf d5844c40469823.57805e7f6ef6d bb965137720677.574a1c358dbeb 953c0937720551.574a1a69316e8 7ee98e37720473.574a1946a2ce2 6e61f937720473.574a1946a3609