Dramatic graphite drawings by Karla Ortiz

San Francisco-based Karla Ortiz works as a concept artist at Marvel Film Studios. But when she’s not in the office, she taps into her fine art ambitions to produce amazing surreal illustrations in graphite. A timelapse video released by the artist shows her process as she creates one of her hauntingly beautiful drawings. A hooded woman is encircled by owls and ravens flying around her. The work is from her latest series titled “Omens”.

Born on Halloween day, Ortiz briefly studied animation in college but was drawn to painting instead. Today, she’s a master of a diverse range of styles and mediums. She worked as a concept artist for a number of companies, sold her illustrations to various publishers, and she showcases her fine art projects in galleries.

“Omens” is on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Southern California through October 3rd. [h/t thisiscolossal.com]

karlaortiz_II-Nurture karlaortiz_I-Nature karlaortiz_la-dama-y-el-pasado karlaortiz_omens karlaortiz_paz-en-muerte karlaortiz_segundo-pasado