The eclectic work of Clayton High

My name is Clayton High, and I create all sorts of gifs, animations and illustrations. I also like taking the occasional photograph. I always seek out unique design in my animation and ways to create something that hasn’t been done before, or expand on an idea or concept. I love the idea of abstract shapes and forms interacting with more organic objects.  just_diamond_02
My process for the diamonds I created was fairly straight forward. It started with drawing them on paper, and then tracing over them in photoshop, and then animating them interacting with the environment in an interesting way. orbit_0212168980296_1857157de6_k_670 13384026644_a99dacfa21_k_670 15053479045_7b113e0ef0_k_670 day2_670 day32_day_small_670 day36_small_670 STAYUGLYAIFIle