Electric Bikes with a Cool Retro Design

A family of engineers from  Barcelona decided to build beautiful electric bicycles designed like retro motorcycles of the 1950s. There are two models of the Oto Cycles bikes, which have a rage of about 50 kilometers and come in all sorts of cool colors.    

Electric Bikes with a Cool Retro Design Otocycles-Electro-Bikes2-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes3-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes4-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes5-640x427 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes6-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes7-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes8-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes9-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes10-640x426 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes11-640x426

via [fubiz.net]

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