Dionisio Jacob’s luscious landscapes

My name is Dionisio Jacob and I’m a writer and visual artist living in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. For many years I taught art class for kids, and I’ve always been influenced by the type of direct expression that children have in their work. Maybe that’s why I like to use strong and defined colors in my acrylic paintings. I also seek to construct complex compositions from basic shapes. I believe strongly that art can have a important and universal message to our time.1c421e_e9346c0f8f5749e0a4a114cf9296076emv2 1c421e_bb981978ecef4bd39aa10192ebb9fef4 1c421e_b4afa2796d454594882ec7943b2e5eda 1c421e_5002bc63ce354bdfae1241bfcc25a842 1c421e_17e922c68af849248a40493a3f20c431 1c421e_7f58a8d764b2459dadc49dcc8d23229f 1c421e_7a45a5428d704015bbd7a973032c1517 1c421e_a2f740fc2c504b0f96b53ebc0640f9ed