Nádia Maria’s photographs chronicle her own dark journey

Brazilian artist, Nádia Maria, creates haunting, dream-like images that channel her own life experiences. Born in 1984, Maria fell in love with photography as a young child, using her dolls as models. Growing up, Maria used photography as a personal journal to record her feelings and transformations. Most recently, she used the medium to document her experience with postpartum depression after having a child. With strong, emotionally charged imagery, it’s no surprise Maria’s works are gaining widespread attention, recently getting featured in National Geographic and Paris Vogue.

According to Maria’s website: “The focus of her inspiration is at poetry, and photography is her writing, her intimate feelings, the darkness and the light of her life.” [h/t juxtapoz.com]f0ec47_5d17721a79f0463ab675b0bbb2cf05f6 f0ec47_5f5d38c4c94545b8ac7454f3998ce3c4 f0ec47_06bf73c4299e435884464f3f2478b63f f0ec47_09a61b602a3543d784fa7cd9bef7fca4 f0ec47_18f858bc750a4c8ca23298b6d676cee6 f0ec47_74ce2e23dde046edae9e4b1bea12cf40 f0ec47_27452bbfb99a4f1d8937b797cf474d19 f0ec47_da3c57d97d694b94ac1f74e1b3deb099 f0ec47_ee0c898b6c7e48a182ba7137a41d93fe NadiaMaria-Brazil (10)