The Otherwordly Photography of Stefano Bonazzi

There is definitely something otherworldly and strangely surreal about Stefano Bonazzi’s art. Whether it’s a blindfolded woman, decked out in a black evening dress, being ‘protected’ by a bear in the middle of a vast wilderness, or another masked lady finding herself surrounded by wolves, his subjects find themselves in a seemingly helpless situation – yet we don’t feel a sense of danger. Instead, there is a calmness, a sort of feeling of being ‘one with nature.’ Whilst his photography is staged, you get the impression that Bonazzi is trying to communicate a hidden secret about the relationship between man and the world around him.

a-bad-dream my-time-page Stefano Bonazzi nightmare-13-sito Stefano Bonazzi smoke14 Stefano Bonazzi Stefano Bonazzi the-boy-part-2 Stefano Bonazzi the-cemetery-of-umbrellas Stefano Bonazzi the-revenge-of-bunny-boy Stefano Bonazzi the-storm-sito Stefano Bonazzi the-white-sky-III-sito Stefano Bonazzi the-white-sky-v-sito the-white-sky-XI the-wind-hunters Stefano Bonazzi wind Stefano Bonazzi1 2 3 4