Storytelling by Photographer Wendy Sama

I’m Wendy Sama, a french graphic designer who grow up with a pencil and camera in my hands. For me photography is about telling a story. I love to tell story in my photographs, stories about me, about people, or just telling an emotion. I like to think that people can imagine what happens before and after the moment which was set in stone.
Colors_of_the_night_01_10.19.2015_1050â--Ã-â--700 (1) Photography, works like painting or movie, they contains messages and you have to feel it first, but there is always another dimension, that you can read if you observe more. I love the fact that something deep and hide in my head can be materialize and talks to people.
Tarot decks is a big inspiration about “speaking images” each color, positions or symbols has something to say. I do not know if it is better than words, surely not, but it is another way to start a dialog.
Colors_of_the_night_03__10.19.2015_12960â--Ã-â--8640 Night_02_02.12.2015_ 5184â--Ã-â--3104 Night_06_02.12.2015_ 10800â--Ã-â--7200 Night_10_02.12.2015_ 5133â--Ã-â--7292 (1) Simple_01_color Theater_01_02.08.2015_4288â--Ã-â--2848 Theater_02_02.08.2015_4288â--Ã-â--2848

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