The multi-faceted paintings of Jacob van Loon

Chicago-based artist, Jacob van Loon, creates mixed-media paintings that combine highly technical drawing with layers upon layers of watercolor paint. Geometric lines and forms turn into wells for vivid colors, some of which get obscured under new layers of paint.

Of his inspiration, Van Loon explains, “Observing how closely people curate their own histories with the advent of social networking, my work is influenced by the inherent self-awareness people have historically maintained. I am inspired by the impact of our collective, cautious approach to impression by what we choose to show, and what we try to hide.”

Van Loon often collaborates with musicians, releasing videos of his artmaking process as their songs play along. In one recent partnership, we watch Van Loon create the album cover art for the musical group Explosions in the Sky. He brings the work to life through an endless process of drawing, layering, and coloring. [sources]24e33811290949.560f55f37fcb6 37da0832787931.5694086656cc1 37f09911290949.560f8465a98ea 0040af31420131.564f51c3928d6 5967b219650465.562ddf89d15d1 7134f032787931.56940155a4561 d190df34800811.56de6873870db e5a29129045435.55df2f3cb885b efd97311290949.560f54544c156 fba07110579971.560e75046672f fd2f9819650465.562ddfaf1847d