Wearable Art: Viktor and Rolf’s Haute Couture A/W 15 Collection

Fashion designers ViKtor and Rolf have always been at the cutting-edge of fashion. Now they’re at the cutting-edge of art, too. The duo’s Haute Couture A/W 15 collection is a whimsical, literal take on the term “wearable art”. As each model came onto the runway, the designers took a framed canvas off the wall and slipped it onto the waiting girl, transforming the framed painting into a sculptural dress.

The paintings were inspired by those of the Golden age Dutch artist Jan Snoeren and lent a playful, trompe l’oeil quality to the dresses, as the models arms were stuck through the arms of the painted figure on the canvas. The picture frames became hemlines, the paintings became prints. Viktor and Rolf are visionaries in their field; these over-the-top dresses are meant to inspire and delight. [h/t junk-culture.com]Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_ban

Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_0 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_7 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_8 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_9 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_11 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_13 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_15 Viktor-Rolf-AW15_Wearable-Art-collection_dezeen_468_24