Angst and frustration in Pop Expressionism

I’m Jared, 24. I studied art from a young age, originally ignoring the importance of early 20th Century art movements. It took a teacher as stubborn as I was to open my eyes to Dada, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, and the ideals of the artists and their struggles have stuck with me ever since. I am a graphic designer by profession, and utilize every medium available to create stark and expressive collages.I describe what I do as an output for angst and frustration that I partially attribute to current politics, social turmoil, expensive housing and the like. As a ‘millennial’ I feel like I’m set in concrete, doomed never to be able to afford a house, start a family and enjoy life. Using my neo-dadaist passion, pop art inspiration and abstract expressionist ideals, I’ve begun putting together a large series of snapshots to express that anger.