Character Design and Concept Art by André Castro

Hello! I am André Castro aka Synthesis, a Graphic Designer & Character Artist based on Curitiba, Brazil. I started doing digital art with Photoshop since I was 12, just for fun and it became everything to me.
In the last years I’ve been studying Character Design and Concept Art to work in movies or games industry.

The majority of my works are a blend of Zbrush, Photoshop and Keyshot. I start sculpting at Zbrush, make all the render passes and compose it ate Photoshop, or, send it to Keyshot and then, Photoshop again.

I have seen an incredible improvement in my work since I decided to give my best every single day. I recommend you to do the same, follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

andre-castro-synthesis-600x1000-composition andre-castro-synthesis-internal-flight-artstation andre-castro-synthesis-rattleshirt-red2 andre-luiz-de-castro-600x1000-antiterror andre-luiz-de-castro-buddha-the-shining-by-synthesys andre-luiz-de-castro-cyberpunk-police-by-synthesys-d77cg1s andre-luiz-de-castro-even-a-king-by-synthesys-d4gmod6 andre-luiz-de-castro-the-virus-of-life-by-synthesys

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