The digital experiments of Tony Diana

I am an experimenter, always have been. I like to tinker with different media and see what happens. Primarily I am a musician by trade (Film/TV/web) but what I like to do is take an idea and approach it from different disciplines.for example. I am a photographer as well, and also pursued creating a tarot deck. I photographed the models on a green screen then created the card in the computer applying the graphics and such after words I wrote a song for each of the cards I made. The same vein of thought goes into all of my art. I never know where I am going to end up but I always start with a simple idea and go from there. I experiment with digital art, photography, light, music and video. we are capable of so much as a people I really want to try everything I can while I can.~Tony Diana 14907089_989564641171879_4268434742329319823_n 14908400_989509444510732_8137205522324905040_n 14925353_989564737838536_1359819938883921017_n 14955985_989564514505225_7745237059638500802_n 15002304_996268227168187_6825013812131244132_o 15025344_1001193990008944_3462466914260697018_o 15055712_1001193853342291_4526998866909222924_n 15241970_1013238935471116_5808255336350141816_n14882152_983482591780084_5441482827774747730_o