The digitization of beauty by Antonio Páramo

My name is Antonio Páramo and I am a digital illustrator. I was born in Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain, but now I’m living in the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany.

Right now, my work prominently features plus size women – I love to draw their pretty curves in an empowering and beautiful way. I see myself as a body positive person, drawing the body types that are systematically ignored by the majority of the media. When I receive thank-you Emails from people who are struggling with self acceptance and negative body image I feel like I’m doing something meaningful for this people. ~Antonio Páramo
c7ee9f37380673.573e1279285f6Digital art is my main technique. I’m fascinated with it because it makes possible to redraw every single line many times, and it allows me to experiment with the colour in many different ways. I have always been surrounded by computers and I feel very comfortable working with them. I don’t try to hide my art is digital – In fact, I like to embrace and strengthen the digitization of the art without shame.350a1532330795.567ac668c6a92 43878435678461.57126fe6b6c28 antonio_paramo_illustrations_art_attacks_online_008 antonio_paramo_illustrations_art_attacks_online_0031 c23a1033979528.5730ead0a402a

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