Explorations of a fractal world: Patrice Olivier ACARDY

In the Real world people know me as Patrice Olivier ACARDY. In the Digital world I act[ed] pirately as Heype, IQB7, 1987, Digital//Distortion and so many others secret alias and nicknames.  The day, I taught art and new technologies to kids of primary school. At night, I do a lot of stuffs, from my computer, I experiment, I hack, I created things and then I search lot of other things I do not know on the internet. I want to know everything I don’t know. ~Patrice Olivier ACARDY

cWith my mates, Juno Akasawa, The Wanderer, Davka and UNKN08WN, together we share our knowledge. We try to build something solid, smart and powerful. The best places to see my work are my facebook profile and my portfolio. I exhibit my work in the most future thinking art gallery in the world: Google Image. For inspiration I explore hourly The KickassTorrents and The Piratebay website.

zI love playing with Paint.net, Adobe Suite, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Maya and Live. I’m a .txt, .obj, .png, .zip /.rar, .mp4 enthusiast, definitely. Lately I’ve worked for a remarkable independent UK music label to create the artwork of one of their upcoming new artist music project. It’s not easy for me as artist to impose to people my forward visions and thinking.

yI’m very proud about the last project I’m working on: outre_part. outre_part is an instagram gallery of  my different secret explorations and missions inside the fractal universe.  I’ve always been very interested in how art can go with science.

qAfter seeing my work online on fractals, guys from NASA contact me and ask me if I want to get involved in this project.. .So I’ve said Yes ! And then, today I feel like Matthew McConaughey in the Interstellar Movie. I daily visually demonstrate the existence of new life forms, textures, materials, energy, technology, unknown but existing within this fractal universe. This exploration will answer some more fundamental questions about the place of humans in the universe.

dTo explore the fractal world, I built a tridimensional helmet that I plug in my computer with 6 USB ports. This helmet allows me to explore fractals. Inside I can listen to great music as the last Autechre while I trip in fractals.


I also programmed my own fractal exploration software, designed for use exclusively with the tridimensional helmet. Thanks to the interface of software I can program my fractal iterations with x and y coordinates, once the coordinates entered, the software by a projection method, send me the fractal representation of that world in the helmet. This is a kind of VR. Then I only have to explore and take picture or shot movies about my little exploration.

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