Flavio Montiel’s Sci-Fi 3D Digital Art

Flavio Montiel is a 3D artist based in Sao Paulo, a thriving hub of contemporary art. He honed his craft and nurtured his talent doing commissions for various clients, before finally going solo as a freelance 3D artist and illustrator. His colourful 3D work often has a sci-fi theme running through it, with swirling, towering structures emerging from the water, and giant androids leaping from buildings. Very active on social media networks, Montiel is an artist very much in the ‘one to watch’ category.

© Flavio Montiel © Flavio Montiel-001 © Flavio Montiel-002 © Flavio Montiel-003 © Flavio Montiel-005 © Flavio Montiel-006 © Flavio Montiel-007 © Flavio Montiel-008 © Flavio Montiel-009 © Flavio Montiel-010 © Flavio Montiel-013 © Flavio Montiel-016 © Flavio Montiel-017


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