Inspirational surreal photo manipulations of Robin Lakowitz

Hello! I am Robin Lakowitz, a 18-year-old Graphic Designer from Germany. Since I was 11 years-old I’ve been fascinated by various Digital Artworks and I truly found my passion in creating surreal photo manipulations throughout the past years.

Today, I prefer to spread a message with my work. I think art can be something that touches people, making them think about topics. And this was also my goal with the work “EXTINCT”.

When I began to outline the concept of the work, I first saw a breathtaking photography of a Rhino – a really impressive animal. I started to find out more about the animal and read that the Rhino is threatened to become extinct. Then it was like a flash of insight. What if I try to pay attention to threatened species in our world? Because in my opinion, a lot of people, like me, do not even know about the high extinction rate of the animals. So my goal was to let the people know about the Rhino, the Tiger, the Elephants which get brutally murdered for profit… and all the other animals that live on our planet and are in true danger of becoming extinct.

I mixed this concept of “death” with “life”, because I think that we are still able to help these species to survive. So I used grave crosses for the death of already extinct animals and my vision of the “tree of life” to highlight that there are still animals who are living in our world… but are near to become a grave cross… extinct, too.



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