Making you look twice: the digital art of Monica Carvalho

I’m Monica Carvalho, a  23 artists born in Switzerland with Portuguese parents. I moved to England four years ago to do my BA in history of art and now MA in design (London). My passion is to create crazy photomontages, the kind that makes you look twice. I love optical illusions. All the images I use are from my own portfolio apart from a few space ones (i.e. planet Earth, galaxies). I use Adobe Photoshop to combine two photos, and like playing around with the images until the illusion is at its best!csc_0490-copy-copie csc_0644-copie1 dsc_0001-1-copie-copie dsc_0024-copie dsc_0037-copie1 dsc_0065-copy-copie dsc_0077-copie dsc_0324-copie dsc05573-copie dsc07733-copie unnamed-file