Omer Faruk AYRANCI’s detailed automotive illustrations

Hi, I’m Omer Faruk AYRANCI. I was born in Samsun in Turkey and currently live in Istanbul. I work in many different disciplines: graphic design, illustration, rap & music videos (primarily for Ofadrama). I was in college and studied computer technology and programming. I graduated but did not like programming. I decided to do what I love: drawing cars. 49296f42040129-57bf36b29fb5cI tried to figure out how to virtual modify cars. So I learned to use Photoshop. Over time I developed myself more: graphic design, web design, illustration, corporate identity design ..etc. 10098934486983-56d303b3de2efThis collection includes retro classic sport & racing cars. The illustration of a single car took about 4 days. I created with Adobe Illustrator. I continue to prepare new works.   e0f84b35231275-56ef15606bdd1  f1b22235231275-56ef15606c745 ffe19c33998826-56c0753f13f42e60ed744017775-560763c8c3e214af1c843998583-560761eae2765