Paintings in CGI by Matthew Stone

Clearly, London-based artist Matthew Stone didn’t want to hold himself back from integrating as many artistic mediums as he could into his latest series. Titled ‘Healing With Wounds’, Stone uses CGI techniques to combine the hand-painted abstract brushstrokes and staged photography found in his earlier works. The series offers a technical approach to traditional painting and shows diverse bodies at play and in conflict. Thick, painterly brushstrokes cover and outline the body of the subject as it dances and coils across the frame.matthew-stone11

“These new works divert from my previous, purely optimistic imaginings of neutral utopias,” Stone said. “Aiming to recognise both the difficulties of and inherent potential for; mutual and interdependent types of societal healing” [h/t]matthew-stone9 matthew-stone8 matthew-stone7 matthew-stone6 matthew-stone5 matthew-stone4 matthew-stone3 matthew-stone2