The otherworldly adventures of Sara Julia Ljeskovac

I was born in Switzerland to two lovely non-artistic parents who have been wonderful at supporting my artistic interest. I always had a love for art, narrative, theatre and drama and channelled these interests into my work. After high school, I decided to move to Scotland for a change in scenery and to study at the Edinburgh College of Art. I’ve had a great time at university and just completed my final year; throughout my course I have learnt to refine my style, written and illustrated for magazines and books, sold at craft fairs and comic conventions, and enjoyed making all sorts of strange and surreal work. ~Sara Julia LjeskovacUnderworld Hall ColoursmallTo me, good art can be two things: visually appealing or meaningful. Sometimes I make my work purely aesthetically pleasing, other times I try to convey a character, story or message. Sometimes I’m lucky and I manage to do both. To be honest though, I don’t really mind what viewers take from it as long as they relate to it on some level – be it for the character design, costumes, colour or narrative. I don’t want to dictate what the viewers take from my work, I just hope people enjoy it.

 I mix traditional and digital mediums. My process is quite straight-forward: usually I start with a pencil sketch, ink it by hand, scan it and colour it digitally with a WACOM tablet. I have many influences but noteworthy ones include Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli films, Hajime Isayama (Attack on Titan comic artist) and Audra Auclair. I have a lot of respect for Audra Auclair who is a self-taught artist with a vivid imagination. Her work looks incredibly graceful and elegant and her colour choices are very unique. She is also exceptional at marketing herself and presenting her work.

Metamorphisis Coloursmall

Shoreline Issue 2 Cover Purple small850006_4d16bc2f065d4bb0b66abe77223e7518 850006_7f82126eac0a4996b4b6e2f464220e55 850006_29d9d084486144be9e721ce72dc76d50 850006_152a85796a414ddfa4b04ab95388f9bd Underworld Hall Coloursmall