Surreal renderings by Filip Hodas transport us through impossible fantasy landscapes

Prague-based designer, Filip Hodas renders dramatic otherworldly landscapes with gravity defying orbs and objects. The unnatural spheres seem to float through Hodas’s fantasy worlds like silent tourists taking in the awe of the space around them. Gorgeously detailed mountain peaks are descended upon by alien objects in bright neon colors and artificial textures. Geometric patterns overlaid across the landscape disrupt the otherwise serene horizon and give us a picture that simultaneously dazzles us with unfamiliar new worlds as well as reminds of that astonishment we’ve felt before viewing a grand vista.

Since early 2015, the 23-year-old Czech graphic designer began making daily renderings such as the ones shown here using tools like World Machine, Cinema 4D, and Octane. [h/t]filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-02 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-03 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-04 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-08 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-011 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-012 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-015 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-017 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-018 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-019 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-021 filip-hodas-daily-renders-digital-art-designboom-022