The mystical surreal fantasy art of Kinga Britschgi

Hello AIA. I’m Kinga Britschgi. I was born in Hungary but in August, 1995 moved to the U.S. with my American husband. There are three passions in my life: my family, fine art and linguistics (out of which I have degrees in two). I have ten plus years of experience in digital art and working with clients as a graphic designer. In my digital fine art pieces there are lots of surrealistic, mystical elements that allow the viewers to entertain themselves with lots of layers of meanings to interpret them.

boththeirfuryandmypassion_900_by_kingabritschgi-d8f1v2a crack_in_time_by_kingabritschgi-d8bunth disturbed_the_quiet_of_our_streets_by_kingabritschgi-d8p6r6u i_love_you_all_by_kingabritschgi-d6txmaz the_last_temptation_by_kingabritschgi-d885vx0 the_travellers_by_kingabritschgi-d89mhlg thefishpigliveryservice_900_by_kingabritschgi-d8r11xwasthegentlerain_900_by_kingabritschgi-d7j0bl5

asthegentlerain_900_by_kingabritschgi-d7j0bl5 2 3 4 6 8 The awesome surreal fantasy art of  Kinga Britschgi