The dense artwork of Martin Blanco

My name is Martin Blanco and I am a digital and traditional artist who loves to create visual stories. I work as freelance Illustrator and Cover Artist, living and enjoying the Pyrenees mountains, in the Principality of Andorra, Europe.

After experimenting with different techniques and boundaries, I have developed my own style of creative narrative through digital arts by mixing photographic manipulation and digital painting and making traditional works with pencil on paper.

I have been exploring human nature and its weaknesses within the world we live in since 2008. Dreads, anguishes, anxieties, and everything else which conditions us as mortal beings we are. I am concerned in how societies relate with technology and how this technology establishes different levels of communication. My work is essentially surrealistic, as a result of my study of Salvador Dali´s work.38

In my compositions, the characters are usually surrounded by dense and uncomfortable environments, in which interplays of light and shadows and chromatic contrasts predominate, the former and the latter as a result of the huge influence that Michelangelo Buonarotti and Caravaggio´s creations have had in my work.

My speech has to be faithfully and accurately expressed, that is my main goal when I create. That is why I am not particularly worried about the representation of beauty in itself if it is not part of a specific meaning. 261 3 9 11 30 104