The digital manipulations of Januz Miralles

Janus Miralles aka Nuestra creates digital manipulations that look like paintings in the process of melting or dripping away. Using a virtual palette knife, Miralles will begin with a realistic representation of the human form and then smear and blend elements until parts of the body dissolve into amorphous blobs of colors. Streaks of paint appear to drift out of his female subject’s skull as if their thoughts had just been released from their birdcage. Other times, the swirls seem to encompass a majority of the face and swallow the subject’s identity altogether in its torrent.

Based in Manilla, Miralles held a solo exhibit at the Galerie Rive Gauche in Belgium in September 2015. [h/t]Januz-Miralles1 Januz-Miralles2 Januz-Miralles3 Januz-Miralles4 Januz-Miralles5 Januz-Miralles6 Januz-Miralles7 Januz-Miralles8 Januz-Miralles9