The fantastical photography of Michael Vincent Manalo

Michael Vincent Manalo is a photographer and mixed-media artist from the Philippines currently based in Taiwan. His work is inspired by the imagined memories of nostalgic and dream-like environments and his works document their decline into post-apocalyptic and nightmarish creations.

Having no formal training in photography, Manalo started his career at the age of 21 when he acquired his first DSLR camera and instantly fell in love. Now he seeks to create works of art that both surprise and delight.

“Life has always been a fascination to me,” he said. “There were a lot of emotions – pain, happiness, love and warmth, glory, success, failures, torture, jealousy, excitement, rage, pride. All these converged and met at a common point in time and space and created who I am, what I want to explore and what I hope to achieve.” [h/t]Michael-Vincent-Manalo-1 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-2 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-3 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-4 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-5 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-6 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-7 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-8 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-9 Michael-Vincent-Manalo-10